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Working for a living means your lifestyle is dependent on your ability to earn a regular income. If your income is interrupted for even a small period of time, your lifestyle can be put into serious jeopardy. 

Disability insurance, or, income protection insurance, may be the most undervalued form of insurance, largely due to the lack of understanding as to how common disabilities and lost work time from injury or illness really are. Consider the following: 

  • For a 32-year old, a serious disability- 3 months or longer- is 6.5 times more likely than death. 

  • Only 3 percent of mortgage foreclosures are caused by death, while 48 percent are caused by disability. 

  • Approximately 30 percent of all people ages 35 to 65 will suffer a disability for at least 90 days, and roughly 1 in 7 can expect to become disabled for 5 years or more.


To protect our clients from lost income due to disability, Lyons Global offers many types of disability plans including individual short term and long term plans, high limit plans (up to $100,000 per month) and, for companies, we offer the New York State Disability Benefit program.

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